Do It Yourself Energy – How To Make Solar and Wind Energy

Welcome to, the world’s #1 resource on how to make solar and wind energy for your home. Nearly every homeowner has felt the wrath of money-hungry power companies charging outrageous monthly charges. You stress the importance of turning off the lights to your kids and family members, but sometimes that’s just not enough. If you’re looking to free yourself from the clutches of power companies, you’ve come to the right place!

#1 Earth4Energy


Hands down, the most comprehensive program on creating your own home energy is Earth4Energy. Unlike other programs that only focus on a single energy source, the friendly people at Earth4Energy walk you through each step for creating both solar AND wind energy for your home. Best of all, anyone can build the working solar panels and wind turbines using just a few basic supplies.

So, just what all is included in the Earth4Energy program? Along with over numerous PDF guides, they also offer over 2+ hours of instructional videos. Lets face it, sometimes you need to actually see the steps first-hand to grasp the concepts of it, which is exactly what the Earth4Energy does – these are some of the ONLY professionally-made DIY energy videos out there.

Our Rating:5-review-stars

#2 Power4Home


Coming it at a close second is the DIY home energy program Power4Home. Invented by John Russel, this comprehensive program contains a system of ebooks, videos and other easy-to-follow resources intended to teach you how to create your own home energy. Before creating the program, John was an everyday person just like yourself who felt trapped by the fluctuating prices charges by power companies. One day, he decided to use his expertise as an electrician to research the proper techniques for harnessing energy from the sun and wind.

The Power4Home program contains step-by-step resources on building your own solar panels and wind turbines, as well as how to harness that energy for home use. As long as you have a few basic tools, you can use this tool to create your own home energy.

Our Rating: 4-review-stars

Overview of Making Your Own Energy

Trying to learn how to make your own home energy can be a little confusing to say the least. You have must know what type of equipment purchase, how to install and of course how to use it. If you’re new “make your own energy” scene, then it’s recommended that you start with one of the programs listed above. We’ve scoured the net, reviewing countless programs, guides and how-tos on home energy production; here are our team’s top choices reviewed below.